Our 15 point inspection

Battery Replacement

Part of our full-service oil change is testing your vehicle’s battery if it is accessible.  We proudly stock Interstate Batteries which come with a minimum of a 24-month free replacement nationwide warranty.  Did you know that there is an Interstate Battery installer in every county of the US.  So wherever your travels take you, just know that your battery is able to be warranted by an installer in all corners of the US!

Extreme weather can harm your car battery, so spring and fall are ideal times to prepare your battery for the potentially intense weather ahead. If there is any sign your car battery is struggling now, you’ll likely have a problem during temperature extremes.

A routine battery test done by a trusted mechanic is a great way to know your car battery’s status, so you don’t experience problems down the road.

Did you know there are often telltale signs that your vehicle’s battery is about to fail? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Slow engine crank
  • Battery or Check Engine light is on*
  • Low car battery fluid level
  • A bloated or swollen battery case
  • Corroded car battery terminals
  • Dim headlights or interior lights


*The battery warning light may also be a mechanical issue and should be checked by a professional repair shop.

Will Driving a Car Charge a Battery?

The alternator charges your car’s battery, but some factors may affect the alternator’s ability to charge the battery, including:

  • The amount of current diverted from the alternator to the battery
  • How long the current is available (the drive time)
  • The temperature of the battery
  • The age of the battery


The following situations may also keep the alternator from adequately recharging your battery:

  • Battery drained because an interior light was left on
  • Battery drained because a vehicle was not driven for a month or more
  • Car only driven at slow speeds or in stop-and-go-traffic